SHKD-737 The housewife and the perverted escaped criminal

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    Eriko has been married to Seiji for two years. Seiji is an extremely gentle, considerate husband who always cares for his wife. Eriko thought that her happy life would continue for the rest of her life. But an event happened that changed everything. On TV, it was announced that Akutsu, a rapist and murderer, had just escaped from prison. Unfortunately for Eriko, he snuck in and hid in her house. When discovered, he attacked and knocked Eriko unconscious. Looking at Eriko's extremely seductive body made his sexual desire rise again. And so Eriko became the next victim of the escaped prisoner. He threatened to kill her if she dared to tell anyone about him. Eriko was naked almost all day, he fucked her whenever he wanted, fucking her over and over again despite ejaculating into her uterus countless times. Even though she was threatened, Eriko's body gradually got used to it and remembered his cock, remembering the feeling of pleasure from the deep thrusts inside her. During this time, he was the only one who could fuck Eriko and impregnate her. Even Seiji, seeing that Eriko was tired, did not have sex with her. Today, when she didn't see him coming to fuck her, Eriko left the room and discovered the main door was open. It seemed he had escaped from here, and she might never see him again. But for some reason, Eriko felt indescribably disappointed in her heart. Some time later, Eriko discovered she was pregnant, and she was extremely happy no matter who the father was.
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